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A protection detail is designed for used an classic cars that are looking a bit tired and need shine adding back to their paint. Ceramic coating is also applied for easy maintenance and paint protection . This detail features a deeper paint decontamination round to "clean the paints pores", engine bay detail, a steam and wet vacuum clean of the interior (if required) and heavier polishing stage. 

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What Is Paint Decontamination?


Over the years tar, glue, tree and bird and industrial fallout will clog the pores of your paint. This will feel rough to the touch and dull the lacquer. The paint decontamination stages is designed to pull out this dirt and leave the paint feeling smooth and even return the gloss. The negative side to this stage is marring.

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What Is Marring?


Marring is only seen in bright light and looks like a wave pattern. Marring is the result of either machine polishing which has been unrefined or buffing too hard. In this scenario it is caused by using a clay bar.

What Is a Clay Bar?


A clay bar is literally a bar of clay. Specifically designed for the detailing world, detailers clay is used to rub on the paints surfaces and cleanse the pores of the paint. It grips the dirt and physically pulls it free from the paints surface. This action is aggressive and causes marring. It is essential in cleaning the paints surface prior to polishing which removes the marring caused by the clay bar. 

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What Is Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra?


Gtechniq's Crystal Serum Ultra is an authorised detailers only product. Unless you have been trained and vetted you cannot use or buy it.

  • It offer up to a 9 year warranty

  • A 10h hardness

  • Amazing gloss and surface slickness

  • Swirl and chemical resistance

  • Easy maintenance

What Is Included In A Protection Detail


Your cars paint is similar to your skin. It contains pours which get clogged. To de-clog these pours you need to cleanse the paint . Starting from the wheels...



Wheels cleaned using pH neutral wheel cleaner and horse hair wheel brushes.

Arche Clean


Arches cleaned to remove any build up of mud and/or brake dust.

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Fallout Removal

Tar & glue and Fallout Remover are sprayed on the car to remove bird droppings, tree sap, bug marks and road tar.



A mild soap is sprayed on the lower half of the body to remove road grime then washed off.

Snow Foam

Snow Foam

Body work sprayed with wash chemicals and coated in snowfoam. Gaps and shut lines are brushed

snow foam brush

Engine Bay and Shuts

Whilst Snow Foam is dwelling, The engine bay and shuts are brushed clean.

2 bucket clean

2 Bucket Method Wash

Snow foam is washed free of the body and 2 bucket method safe wash is carried out using all pH Neutral products.

Porsche GT3

Air Blower

A specialist detailing air blower is used to move the bulk water and dry the gaps and shuts.

Towel Dry

Towel Dry

A specialist detailing towel is used to dry the remained of the body work. 

Clay Bar

Clay Bar

Claybar to remove further contaminants including exhaust fumes and tar

Single Stage Machine Polish

2 Stage Machine Polish

Single stage machine polish to rejuvenate the paintwork, remove light swirls and marring and give a good depth of shine

Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating is then applied to the body work. Cure time 24hours minimum.

Detailing Spray

Detailing Spray

Non-coated panels are then quick detailed to refine the finish.



Interior is vacuumed, steam cleaned and anti-bac wiped down.

Glass Cleaning


Glass panels are buffed to a high shine.

Metal Polished


Metal surfaces are polished and buffed to a high shine

Plastics Dressed


Plastic surfaces are dressed.



Tyres are dressed.

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