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Ceramic coating are the latest and greatest products in the detailing world. From an industry which was once dominated by outdated waxes and polishes the super modern and high-tech ceramic coatings were born. Bonding with your paint at a molecular level, these coatings are designed to enhance and protect your paints depth, clarity, and lacquer.


We at FCD Bournemouth use Grechniq’s Crystal Serum Ultra. Designed with max durability, we have been using this coating since its launch in 2017 and cannot fault it. Coming with a 9 year warranty and a 10h hardness rating, Serum Ultra is the must have product for any car or bike.


Team Crystal Serum Ultra with Gtechniqs EXO V5 for the ultimate combo.


Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra

  • 10h paint protection

  • 9-year guarantee

  • Matchless swirl and chemical resistance


Gtechniq EXO V5

  • 18-24 months durability

  • Easy to apply (one layer product)

  • Adds gloss, water and dirt repellency



3 Day Turn Around


  • Deep clean of the paint

  • Single stage polish

  • Interior deep cleaned

  • Engine bay dressed

  • Glass, tyres and exhausts

  • Gtechniq Crystal Seum Ultra Applied

  • Add-On Exo V5 for the best results!

£499inc VAT


5 Day Turn around


  • Deep clean of the paint

  • Multi stage polish - Up to 80% removal of marks

  • Interior deep cleaned

  • Engine bay dressed

  • Glass, tyres and exhausts

  • Gtechniq Crystal Seum Ultra Applied

  • Add-On Exo V5 for the best results!

£899inc VAT


7 Day+ Turn around


  • Deep clean of the paint

  • Multi stage polish - Up to 99% removal of marks

  • Scratch removal

  • Interior deep cleaned

  • Engine bay dressed

  • Glass, tyres and exhausts

  • Gtechniq Crystal Seum Ultra Applied

  • Add-On Exo V5 for the best results!

£1499inc VAT

What Is Included In


Below is a outline of what is provided on every detail as standard. Depending on how your car or bike was stored will depend on how many steps are required to achieve a base finish, ready for ceramic coating.



Wheels cleaned using pH neutral wheel cleaner and horse hair wheel brushes.

Arche Clean


Arches cleaned to remove any build up of mud and/or brake dust.

Porsche GT3

Fallout Removal

Tar & glue and Fallout Remover are sprayed on the car to remove bird droppings, tree sap, bug marks and road tar.



A mild soap is sprayed on the lower half of the body to remove road grime then washed off.

Snow Foam

Snow Foam

Body work sprayed with wash chemicals and coated in snowfoam. Gaps and shut lines are brushed

snow foam brush

Engine Bay and Shuts

Whilst Snow Foam is dwelling, The engine bay and shuts are brushed clean.

2 bucket clean

2 Bucket Method Wash

Snow foam is washed free of the body and 2 bucket method safe wash is carried out using all pH Neutral products.

Porsche GT3

Air Blower

A specialist detailing air blower is used to move the bulk water and dry the gaps and shuts.

Towel Dry

Towel Dry

A specialist detailing towel is used to dry the remained of the body work. 

Clay Bar

Clay Bar

Claybar to remove further contaminants including exhaust fumes and tar

Single Stage Machine Polish

Machine Polish

Machine polish to rejuvenate the paintwork, remove light swirls and marring and provide a good depth of shine

Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating is then applied to the body work. Cure time 24hours minimum.

Detailing Spray

Detailing Spray

Non-coated panels are then quick detailed to refine the finish.



Interior is vacuumed, steam cleaned and anti-bac wiped down.

Glass Cleaning


Glass panels are buffed to a high shine.

Metal Polished


Metal surfaces are polished and buffed to a high shine

Plastics Dressed


Plastic surfaces are dressed.



Tyres are dressed.

  • What are Scratches?
    Scratches are considered "straight lines" which have score the lacquer and in some cases, breached the lacquer and have gone through to the paint or primer layers. As a rule of thumb, when the scratch is wetted and it still appears, this will require paint.
  • What are Swirls?
    Swirls cause a matting effect to the paint and are caused by micro abrasions. We tend to find dry wiping a car (wiping down a car with a cloth with no lubricant) or not fully cleaning the paint prior to washing causes these. We have also found harsh chemicals such as acid can also cause this as it dries the paints surface.
  • What is Machine Polishing?
    Using a dual action or rotary machine, polishing head and polish, painted surfaces can be rejuvenated. Dual action polishers provide control and are great for beginners. Rotary polishers provide fast results and are great for removing paint blemishes. Recommended only for professionals. Foam and wool polishing heads or pads are used to "cut back" the surface. Pads range from cutting to finishing and each one has a place in a multi-stage polish. Polishing compounds or polish are the solution which helps aid with rejuvenating your paint. The denser the compound, the more cutting action you will experience. Finer polishes bring depth and clarity to paint. A multi stage polish can include the use of both machine types, up to 3 polishing heads and 3 different types of compounds to achieve the perfect finish.
  • What is Paint Decontamination?
    Over the years tar, glue, tree and bird and industrial fallout will clog the pores of your paint. This will feel rough to the touch and dull the lacquer. The paint decontamination stages is designed to pull out this dirt and leave the paint feeling smooth and even return the gloss. The negative side to this stage is marring.
  • What is Marring?
    Marring is only seen in bright light and looks like a wave pattern. Marring is the result of either machine polishing which has been unrefined or buffing too hard. In this scenario it is caused by using a rotary polisher.
  • What is a Clay Bar?
    A clay bar is literally a bar of clay. Specifically designed for the detailing world, detailers clay is used to rub on the paints surfaces and cleanse the pores of the paint. It grips the dirt and physically pulls it free from the paints surface. This action is aggressive and causes marring. It is essential in cleaning the paints surface prior to polishing which removes the marring caused by the clay bar.
  • Can I coat my Glass?
    Yes, you can. Gtechniq provide a glass coating which can be applied to all glass surfaces. Talk to us to find out more.
  • Can I coat my Interior?
    Yes you can! Gtechniq offer a wide range of coatings for all of the individual materials including leather, fabric and plastic.
  • Can I coat my Wheels?
    Yes you can! Next to coating the paint, this has to be one of the most beneficial areas to coat and makes cleaning your wheels a breeze!
  • Can I coat my Exterior Plastic?
    Yes you can. Gtechniq's C4 can coat and restore plastic.
  • What is Paint Protection Film?
    Unlike coloured wrap which is made from vinyl, Paint Protection Film or PPF as it is more commonly known is a plastic urethane film. It is approximately double the thickness of paint and is highly durable. This durability provides resistance to scratches and when natural sunlight or heat is applied, the swirl marks and scratches will disappear. It also has a resistance to stone chips and gravel rash. ​ XPEL is the leading brand in PPF and they offer a clear gloss finish or a satin STEALTH finish which can be applied to all painted and smooth plastic surfaces including some interior trims.
  • What Are The Benefits
    Once applied to the surface of your vehicle you will instantly benefit from: ​ Self Healing Mirror Finish Chemical & Stain Resistance Easy Maintenance Heat Activated Self-healing Topcoat UV tolerance (Non-yellowing) Scratch Resistance Stone Chip Resistance Removable 10 Year Warranty
  • Why Do I Want PPF For My Car?
    PPF isn't for everyone. It is an investment for your car or bike. We highly recommend it for: High-value new cars to protect resale or hand-in value Flat fronted or tall cars Special or unique cars where paint originality is valuable Track cars or cars which suffers from gravel rash People who like to group drive Allows you to wipe down your car in the garage, without the fear of putting swirl marks or damage into the paint.
  • How Much Does it Cost?
    XPEL Paint Protection Film starts at £399 which can cover a bumper. For a full car it is approximately £4000 depending on the the size of car. Bigger cars may cost more and smaller cars may cost less. All cars are quoted completely individually based from the XPEL DAP pricing structure, for an exact quote please email: or call 01202 096096
  • XPEL Factory Trained
    We are Dorset's only factory trained PPF installer. This means we have been professionally trained by XPEL themselves and it grants us access to XPEL's DAP system. Unlike other installers in the local area, we have the ability to cut exact templates for your car. This reduces the need for "bulk cutting" and the risk of scoring the paint. It also means you end up with a more seamless and exacting finish.
  • Can I coat PPF?
    Yes you can! Xpel and Gtechniq provide a range of products for your PPF including XPEL's Fusion and Ceramic Boost and Gtechniq's Halo.

Previously Ceramic Coated Cars

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