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Who Are FCD ?
5 Ferrari 488.jpg


Founded in 2007, my passion for car detailing quickly gained an excellent reputation for great customer service, an uncompromising reputation for car care and providing a service that is friendly, professional, helpful and of the highest quality of work.


FCD offer fully insured mobile and unit based professional detailing and are the South Coast’s No.1 detailer.

 Offering detailing and paint protection, trained, approved and certified in Swissvax, Gtechniq and XPEL Paint Protection Film who all produce some the finest detailing products in the industry today.



We have a bespoke studio in Bournemouth, and cover detailing throughout the rest of  Dorset, Hampshire, the New Forest, South Coast, South West, Winchester, London and beyond.



Detailing is the performance of an extremely thorough cleaning, polishing and waxing of a car, both inside and out, to produce a show-quality level of detail. Besides improving appearance, detailing helps to preserve resale value of a car.



Our goal is simple, we want to be known for being the best at giving your car the next level - the wow factor! Big headed as this may be, if we don’t take this attitude and apply it to every job we do no matter how big or small.



We offer a fully insured Detailing Studio based in Bournemouth. From these premises we are able to offer our full range of services including maintenance washes, detailing and paint protection film installation.



Our secure, clean studio is set in Bournemouth, Dorset. Working with a local transportation company we can bring your car directly to our door no matter where you are in the UK.



Jake FCD




Jake is renowned for two things, his height and his prevalent eye for detail. This keen eye has helped set FCD apart from the rest and has become part of the FCD ethos “Perfection is just the first stage”. Jake is professionally trained in Swissvax, Gtechniq and Xpel.





With years working in the wrapping and tinting industry, paint protection film (PPF) is second nature to Shane.


Expertly and precisely laying the film onto cars providing them with the ultimate protection. Shane is a huge fan of Audi's, boats and watches! Expensive tastes!





Damian has known Jake for nearly 10 years, since the early days. He has helped Jake on a few larger projects but his most notable skill is with a camera. All images and videos are thanks to Damian's handy work. Make sure check out his work here.





With a love and encyclopedic knowledge of cars it wouldn't take long before Matt found his way to FCD. Still learning the ropes, he is progressing at a good rate and will be a master detailer in no time... providing more water goes on the car than him. You  will also often see him posting on our Social Media channels.

Swissvax Trained.png

The high-grade, complex formulations do not lend themselves to large-scale industrial production. Compromise is just not compatible with our passionate commitment to producing the very best waxes and care products. We invite you to experience the waxes that make Swissvax world famous.

SwissVax Authorised Detailer

First Choice Detailing is a fully authorised Swissvax Detailer. This means we have been trained to the highest standards by Swissvax themselves and our very proud to work with the very finest Swissvax detailing products.


Gtechniq Trained.png

In 2004, scientists at Gtechniq created a superior line of products aimed at perfecting all car surfaces. Over the last 10 years, these products have been continually improved to provide a range that outshines and outlasts the competition. 

GTECHNIQ Authorised Detailer

First Choice Detailing is a fully authorised GTECHNIQ Detailer. This means we have been trained to the highest standards by GTECHNIQ themselves and our very proud to work with the very finest GTECHNIQ detailing products.

Xpel Trained.png

Few brands are 100% committed to protecting your automobile like we are. We focus all of our resources, time, human capital, and research in developing some of the most innovative automobile protection products in the market.



XPEL Authorised Installer

First Choice Detailing is a fully authorised XPEL Installer. This means we have been trained to the highest standards by XPEL UK themselves and are authorised to print via a DAP and install PPF



Mercedes G Wagon

Simon Watts

“Jake has been looking after my cars for a long time now and he’s always tried to persuade me to have my cars detailed but he had this Porsche show to do and asked if he can have my car for his stand for a detail, I said yes of course! I could not believe the difference, so since then I have had my m3 and my Mercedes G wagon detailed.”

BMW 320D

Neil Mayes

“I have to say the work that Jake produced on my car was awesome. I did not know the paint could look so crisp, it was like a mirror!! The attention to detail was brilliant! I will definitely be using him in the future!”

Multiple Cars


“We have now been using First Choice Detailing for a few years. There is no one in Dorset more meticulous, professional and attentive to detail than them. We use their services every time we get a prestige car on our forecourt and therefore need a more bespoke and minutious preparation to fulfil our clientele’s high expectations.” The Hypermotive Team. 

Alfa Romeo Guilia

Eddie Cain

It's been over 5 months and 3500 miles since FCD took my new Alfa Giulia QF in for paint correction, PPF and ceramic treatment. In a nutshell the product is most likely the best investment I've made to date. The car still looks better than showroom condition and is a breeze to clean, even after a long run. The PPF has kept my car stone chip free and Jake's expertise have ensured the paint underneath shows itself at its best no matter how clean I keep it. Since I collected the car I have only used the products recommended and supplied by FCD and the results speak for themselves. First class service from first class people!


David Smith

“I have been trying to sell My black M3 for a while now and haven’t been ableto sell it due severe swirl marks so I was given jakes number and he produced a miracle! The car is now sold thanks to Jake!”

Audi RS6

Dan Blackwell

Jake and the team are the best in the business. Their attention to detail is unrivaled. Being the perfectionist I am, I knew I was in the right place straight away. My newly purchased car was in a sorry state and was brought back to life with their enhancement package. They talked me through the whole process and explained each finished coating. I opted for the Serum Ultra & Exo 😃 wow! Then finished with additional PPF to the luggage area & stone chip prone areas which has been seamlessly applied! The car looks incredible! ... maintenance washes are already booked!

BMW 335D

Nikki Cranny

Just had our brand new BMW 335d protected with GTechnique crystal serum. Looks better now than when it came off the lorry new! Thanks Jake! Can’t stop looking at it


David Smith

“I have been trying to sell My black M3 for a while now and haven’t been ableto sell it due severe swirl marks so I was given jakes number and he produced a miracle! The car is now sold thanks to Jake!”

Porsche 996 GT3

Andrew House

Awesome job on my baby guys! I knew she was going to be good when I collected her, but I was stunned into silence when I saw her. I'm never lost for words, but you managed it. My 18 year old 'daily driver' is better than the day she left Weissach!

Mercedes-Benz GLE

Steve Keats

This is the first time I've ever had a car detailed - the transformation is incredible. At just under a year old and not many miles, the paint had the usual swirls from poor washing... and this car had only ever been owned by Mercedes Benz previously. Jake and his team have brought it back to better then when new, and now it's protected with Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra, it'll look that way for years to come.

Range Rover SVR

Danny Balson

I thought I had a high level of attention to detail until I saw how these guys cleaned cars! I had a new new car prep which included polish and ceramic coat. I could not fault what these guys do in anyway! it far exceed my expectations!! well worth the money! My car looks incredible! Thanks Jake, Shane and the lads!

Audi R8 V10

Richard Hambly

I took my Audi R8 V10 in for detailing, application of Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra and had the wheels restored. Jake and the team did a superb job and kept me updated on progress and returned the car to me early. It looks like new now, even the engine bay is spotless!

Porsche 996 GT3

Andrew House

Awesome job on my baby guys! I knew she was going to be good when I collected her, but I was stunned into silence when I saw her. I'm never lost for words, but you managed it. My 18 year old 'daily driver' is better than the day she left Weissach!


Adrian Griffin

Jake and his team did an amazing job. My car looked like new after they had worked their magic. Jake has a keen eye for detail and it really shows. I have been using the services of FCD for many years. I would have no hesitation in recommending FCD.

Ferrari 812 GTS

Alastair Miller

Had a full PPF on my new Ferrari. The end result was superb. These guys are perfectionists and did a super job. I keep going back to them and they never disappoint.

Ferrari 488

Harvey J

Absolutely fantastic, brought my Ferrari 488 down for a detail and full ppf. They were unbeatable on price and did an outstanding job, highly recommend to anyone thinking about detailing or ppf on their cars. Will definitely be back again!

Polestar 2

John Platts

Excellent service from Jake and his crew for this detailing newbie. Had my new black Polestar ceramic coated and the boot bumper wrapped for added protection. The car looks a million dollars, particularly after they dealt with microscratching caused to the paintwork by Polestar who helpfully washed it , apparently using a brillo pad, before delivery. Now it really does look brand new.

Extremely pleased and I would recommend First Choice to anyone.

Mercedes-Benz SLK

Stephen Mulley

Just picked up my Black SLK that went in for paint correction detailing and to be ceramic coated as when I bought it the paintwork was in a sorry state. All I can say is WOW!!! Thank you Jake and all the team at FC Detailing, you have gone above and beyond what I thought was possible. Would recommend to everyone to use FC Detailing. Thanks again
Kind Regards Stephen Mulley

Audi Q8

Frank Russell

I took delivery of a new 70 plate Audi Q8 in Orca black last month.I tend to keep my cars for a long time so I decided that in order to protect and maintain the paintwork, the car would require a ceramic coating and have some paint protection film put on. After some homework on various car forums including Audi,Porsche and Ferrari owners clubs it was quite clear that Jake and his team of Shane, Damian and Matt at First Choice Detailing were the very best to do this. I dropped my car off on Monday and after 5 days at Jake's detailing studio i picked my boy up. The results are quite stunning. I had the body machined polished followed by a coat of Gtechnic crystal serum, then an application of Gtechnic EXO VS and the wheels coated with Gtechnic Ultra plus Exo V4. Also had some film protection done by Shane along the rear bumper and the side B pillars .which are particuarly vulnerable to minor damage. I have to say that I think these guys at First Choice Detailing are truly the best in the business. An added bonus is that Jake is a lovely personable bloke to talk to, to get on with and ask for advice from and it's clear that all the folk there love cars and take care of owners cars whilst they have them. I have decided to ask Jake to do a regular monthy maintenance wash for me to keep my car looking good. I'm about 35 miles away from the studio in Christchurch but it will be worth it to know my car is well cared for. Highly recommended !

Lexus LF LC

John Wilson

If you value a first class experience, professionalism and supreme attention to detail then you will not be disappointed. I have just collected my car after a maintenance wash and the results are exceptional. I first met Jake and his team, Shane and Matt, one year ago and knew very quickly that my car would be in 'safe hands', booking my car in for a 'professional detail' using Gtechniq products. I can still remember the day when I collected my car, the colour and depth of shine were exceptional. Even to this day I still receive positive comments from complete strangers remarking on the car's outstanding finish. An added bonus is that the car is very easy to clean - aways a pleasure - as any road grime just comes off with a simple wash leaving that wonderful glossy finish. The high standard, care and attention to detail Jake and his team show come from an obvious passion in their work, I do not think that what they do could be bettered.

Porsche 992 911

Craig Phillpot

Jake and his team at FCD carried out a full Gtechniq ceramic coating of my Porsche Macan prior to handover from new at the dealer.
The black paint looked faultless with absolutely no swirl marks, a complete difference to the previous one I had that wasn’t paint corrected.
The Gtechniq coating looks great still after 3 years and the car is left outside and used daily in all conditions.
The level of detail Jake and his team pick up on is excellent and they can see minor defects that most people can’t.
I would definitely recommend them, their service is friendly and professional and the service, quality and end result is excellent, I don’t think I have seen better.
I am changing my vehicle and FCD will be used to do remove swirl marks (even though it is a brand new car) carryout PPF and ceramic coat my new one. I will use them on future vehicles and have recommended them previously to friends and other enthusiasts.

I would definitely recommend Jake and his team at FCD, keep up the great work.

Porsche 991 911

Rob Hibbert

An awesome experience throughout. They are totally professional and take great care and pride in their work from start to finish. Totally recommend them.

Skoda Citigo

David Henderson

My car had some pretty deep and bad scratches in it, Jake has done a top job on removing what he can and I highly recommend him, he's a really down to earth person and knows exactly what he's doing

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