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Porsche 911 991.2 GT3 Enhancement

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Last year, a repeat customer of ours replaced his much loved Porsche Cayman GT4 with a 911 GT3. We knew the GT4 very well having carried out several standard scope maitnenance washes, some deep cleans as well as detailing work in the past. This particular client is not afraid of using his cars and putting plenty of miles on the clock, not just on the road, but also on track.

Since buying the GT3 back in 2022, the car has been through many countries in Europe touring different racetracks, and being used properly. So this winter after all this usage, he decided to book the car in for some serious TLC.

We started by giving the car a extremely long clean, taking several hours longer than a clean of this type. The car was relatively fresh from a track day, and the wheels were extremely dirty with melted rubber from tyres baked onto the inners of the wheels! We concluded the best way to tackle this was actually to safely jack the vehicle up outside, remove the centre locking wheels and clean the arches and wheels outside the detailing studio before even bringing the car inside. To clean all four wheels and arches took our team around two hours alone! The bodywork of the car was also suffering from a lot of rubber/tyre transfer and marks all around the bodywork, as well as a lot of general road dirt and grime. Using a variety of prewash chemicals and lots of time decontaminating, we eventually got the car perfectly clean to enable it to head inside and detailing to begin.

Fortunately, this GT3 had PPF installed to the most vulnerable areas by another installer when the car was new back in 2017, with all the track use this car sees, it had done its job in protecting the paintwork underneath. However, the rest of the bodywork appeared to never have been treated to any protective/ceramic coating.

A multi stage enhancement detail was required for this particular case, correcting 75-80% of swirl marks and imperfections. Naturally the protective coating of choice was Gtechniq's top of the range, authorised only product Crystal Serum Ultra


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