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Wading through the forums can be quite a difficult endeavour and finding the answers you, not always there. We have compiled our top most asked questions with answers written by experts in the field. anything else you need answering, just get in contact with us. 



What is car detailing?

Car detailing is an art form. After performing the initial wash process, a detailer will work on all the extra bits that make a car pop. This may include polishing, interior cleaning, metal polishing, applying wax or ceramic coatings.


Why is detailing important?

It helps improve the quality of your cars finish and, in most cases, protects it from damage caused by improper wash techniques.


How much does it cost to get a classic car detailed?

Pricing is set. We do not charge more for classics. 


How much does it cost to detail a daily driver?

Pricing is set. We do not charge more for daily drivers. 


How much to detail a new car?

Pricing is set. We do not charge more for new cars. 


Why is it detailing more expense than a valet?

Many more hours are put into detailing taking up to a week in some cases. We also use more expensive and superior products to achieve a better finish.


Can you detail supercars?

Yes we can. We are fully trained and insured to handle super cars.


Can you detail hypercars?

Yes we can. We are fully trained and insured to handle hyper cars.


How often should I wash my car after it has been detailed?

Once a week with the correct methods and products.


What products do you use?

We use a wide range of products and switch often. We are fully trained in Swissvax, Gtechniq and XPEL


Can I detail my car myself?

You can, but normally it is cheaper and easier to hire a professional detailer who is fully trained and insured.


What are you trained in?

We are trained in Swissvax, Gtecnhiq and XPEL.


Do you have any awards?

We have won many awards from Salon Prive and other Concours events.


Are you insured?

We are, up to 3 million pounds. And this can be extended upon request.


Do you have a studio?

We do. We are located in Bournemouth/Poole.


Are you mobile?

We have a fully insured van to offer mobile services. 


Where are you located?

Our office/studio is in Bournemouth/Poole. We can offer our services not just in Dorset, but  nationwide, New Forest, Hampshire, London and beyond. 

What is detailing world?

It is a forum for detailing knowledge. 


Are you on Facebook?

We are, search FCD or click here.


Are you on Instagram?

We are, search FCD or click here.

What is the most expensive car you have detailed?


We don't like to kiss and tell, but we have detailed many cars over 7 figures. 


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