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Porsche GT2 RS - Winter Refresh

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Photos and writing by Blades Media

After a long winter most cars which are not kept in a garage will be feeling the effects from being outside. Water, ice, salt and general dirt will pretty much be embedded on every surface. Gtechniq offers a fantastic range of products which are designed to make cleaning easier, keep your paint looking glossier and add surface protection. Even the toughest coatings will eventually get covered in dirt which will make it seem that coatings have stopped working. Our winter refresh allows us to provide a deep clean on the paints surface which will rejuvenate the coatings abilities.

This particular Porsche GT2 RS is no garage queen and required a winter refresh. Whilst in, the owner asked us to double up on the coatings to ensure maximum protection.


The GT2 RS features a centerlock wheel which makes them extremely difficult to get off. Using the official Porsche tool and centerlock breaker bar the lock was removed and each wheel was cleaned and coated. Firstly using alcohol then followed by clay bar.

After being dried Gtechniq's wheel armour was applied to the whole wheel, lock and caliper. The arches were dressed.

The wheels were professionally torqued the next day with a 2 man team to confirm the required 600nm of torque.

Plastics, Metals and Exhausts

All black plastics were first cleaned with alcohol to remove any surface grease. Gtechniq's C4 Trim Restore was then applied which added lustre to the plastics but not changing their overall characteristics.

The exhaust was polished using a low speed rotary, medium foam pad and autosol metal polish. It was then coated with Gtechniq's C5 for its durability around heat.

Using autosol on a detailing stick the visible part of the exhaust was polished and coated in C5.


Unlike most cars, Porsche don't feature a very visible engine bay. The painted and carbon surfaces were prepped with alcohol before having Gtechniq's Exo applied.


Mostly plastic, the frunk was vacuumed and plastics coated in C4


The GT2 RS is fully covered in Xpel Paint Protection Film and simply required wiping down and coating with Gtechniq's Halo. All door shuts, wing mirrors, carbon and handles were coated.


Being a street legal race car, the Porsche GT2 RS features a full roll cage, race harnesses and fire extinguisher. Without removing the seat it is impossible for anybody to safely climb in to the rear. To get around this we used an extended hose on our vacuum to reach the rear of the car. All materials were vacuumed using a soft brush and fluted vacuum end.

After vacuuming, all surfaces were wiped down, detailed and all leather surfaces were coated using Gtechniq's Leather Guard.

The floor mats were removed from the car, brushed clean, striped and coated with Gtechniq's Smart Fabric. Loose threads were cut off.


First the glass was claybared and then alcohol wiped down. Gtechniq's G1 was then applied to the windscreen whilst the rest of the glass was cleaned down.

Extra Mile

It wouldn't be a detail unless we got detailed! The owner will be putting a new personalised plate on this car so we prepped the plate plinth for it. After wiping it down, it was screwed back on the car and the screw hole over runs were cut flush. New tape was placed ready and the surface coated with Gtechniq's C4.

The fuse board cover is a notorious kick plate. To save it, a surface protector was applied. Made by Allfix, this is a static plastic product which static clings to surfaces.

Protection meets protection with exo applied to the owners helmet and fire extinguisher.

And finally the leather key pouch was coated in Leather Guard.


Now fully coated the car will be left over the weekend to cure and handed back next week.

Want a winter refresh for your car? Call the team on 01202 096 096


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