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Lamborghini Aventador Matte Yellow - Gtechniq EXO detail

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Write up & Photos by Blades Media - All images are subject to copyright

This amazing Lamborghini Aventador in Giallo Horus (Matte Yellow) was bought by one of our long term clients. Before we were able to add our magic to the paints surface it was taken on a local rally leaving Bournemouth and heading to Colchester.

For the rally one requirement was stickers bearing the rally's name and sponsors were to be placed on the cars. Regrettably the long distance on the motor way and damp weather didn't help keep this lovely paint finish clean. Upon its arrival back in Bournemouth the stickers were removed to reveal they had left a clear outline on the paints surface.

Unlike gloss paints, matte has pours which lets the dirt ingrain and prevents a standard wash mitt from properly cleaning it. After 2 hours of gentle detail brush washing, we were able to clean the pours of the paint and remove the very distinctive outlines. Once cleaned and dried the surface of the paint was prepped with tar & glue and IPA to remove paint contamination.

Gtechniqs EXO was then applied to all painted surfaces. We also carried out a deep interior clean with Gtechniq's Triclean and protected the engine bay with 303 sealant. This Lamborghini is now ready for the road again.

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