At FCD it wouldn't be possible to do what we do with out the help of other local businesses and people. Below you will find a list of the people who help us and return we help. Make sure to check them out!

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Stable Vehicle Storage

Our recommend choice for secured vehicle storage in Christchurch


We have worked alongisde Gtechniq for many years now being Dorset's only accredited detailer in Gtechniq.

It is our preferred ceramic coating of choice.


We have been using XPEL for many years now. Being Dorset's only authorised XPEL accredited installer, XPEL is our preferred paint protection film of choice. 

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Blades Media

Blades Media has been instrumental in helping us across the years including marketing plans, photography, video, paper marketing and our website! 


The Car

Damian has provided us with many of his superb cars to work on and made some fantastic videos of us working away. Make sure to tune in and watch them! 

That 911 Guy

Lee has helped us on many occasions with YouTube videos and articles. Makes sure to follow him!