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Mercedes-Benz C Class - Enhancement Detail

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

A great service we offer is a extremely rigorous decontamination wash.

This 7 year old Mercedes C Class, despite being low mileage, had lost its sparkle, and the customer described it as 'even when it's just been cleaned, it still doesn't shine'.

This is partly down to the fact the Merc could benefit from a machine polish. However a enhancement or correction detail, didn't fit with this particular customers budget, so after much discussion we decided the best way forward was our usual thorough maintenance wash, then with particular attention paid to decontaminating the car, and then a light machine polish to sharpen up gloss levels.

As you can see from the images below, there was a extremely high amount of fallout on the vehicle, and took several coats of Fallout remover to stop the white car completely turning purple! We also used tar and glue to remove black tar spots you may see often on the lower half of your vehicle.

After chemically decontaminating the car, we then went ahead and clayed the whole vehicle, before a light single stage machine polish.

Decontamination is such a vital stage for any detailing services, as it is essentially like doing a thorough skin scrub of your pores. Whilst most contaminant is not actually visible on a car it is still there and actually letting down the appearance of your car, and is vital it is kept on top of.

By no means is this paintwork perfection, however we aim to be able to work to the majority of budgets with our detailing services, and this is the level that fitted to the customers budget, as I'm sure you'll agree is a excellent improvement, and definitely gave the desired results and has massively boosted gloss and clarity levels.


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