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Wading through the forums can be quite a difficult endeavour and finding the answers you, not always there. We have compiled our top most asked questions with answers written by experts in the field. anything else you need answering, just get in contact with us. 



What is PPF?

PPF stands for paint protection film. It is a plastic wrap/film used to protect paintwork. 

What is it made of?

It is made from a special plastic which is highly durable.


What companies do you use?

We are trained and accredited in XPEL.

Will it go yellow?

No. XPEL guarantee their product for 10 years against. 


Is it the same as Armour Fend?

Both are PPF, but XPEL is more advanced. 


Can it protect against road rash?

It can protect against road rash and stone chips. If your film gets damaged, call us straight away.


Can it protect against improper washing?

Yes. PPF is swirl and marring resistant. 


Can it protect against bird droppings?

Yes. However, the bird droppings still should be removed straight away to prevent any damage.


Do scratches just heat out?

Yes. Leave in the sun or pour warm water over the film. If the film has been cut then call the team straight away.


Is PPF expensive?

PPF is a premium option, it serves to protect your paintwork and therefore investment. (ideally applied from new)


Can it be applied at your studio?

Yes, this is the only place where we will apply PPF. Our studio is a clean and fully insured environment. 

We are the only XPEL authorised installer in Dorset.

Can anyone apply it?

Many wrappers offer it, but FCD are Dorset's only accredited from factory installer. 


Can you apply it at my home?

No. Unfortunately we will only apply PPF at our Bournemouth based studio as when installing the film, the climate and environment needs to be appropriate.

Will PPF help with the resale of my car?

It can, especially when trading in at the dealership. It will also make your car more desirable on the resale market. 


Will PPF damage my paint?

We endeavour to remove PPF with the best industry techniques. If your car has weak paint or had a poor re-spray damage can happen. Before applying or removing our team will fully access your paint and provide a professional verdict prior to any installation. 

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