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Wading through the forums can be quite a difficult endeavour and finding the answers you, not always there. We have compiled our top most asked questions with answers written by experts in the field. anything else you need answering, just get in contact with us. 


What is carnauba?

Carnauba is added to premium waxes and helps produce the clarity and protection they give. The more carnauba the better depth given. 


What is a ceramic coating?

A ceramic coating bonds to the paints surface and adds a layer of protection to your paintwork. 


What is better, wax or ceramic coatings?

All depends on the use.

Wax is more often used for garage queens and classics. Whereas, with new cars, we would always recommend a ceramic coating.


Is detailing spray the same as wax?

Some detailing sprays use a wax additive, but detailing sprays do not last as long and produce a lesser result. They're a great option for wiping down after cleaning and topping up coatings. 


What is bead?

Beading is the tension of the water being broken, causing it to form a bead shape and roll free from the surface of the paint. 


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