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Wading through the forums can be quite a difficult endeavour and finding the answers you, not always there. We have compiled our top most asked questions with answers written by experts in the field. anything else you need answering, just get in contact with us. 


What polish do you use?

We use a range of different polishes to produce the best result. 


How do you measure paint?

We have a paint gauge which measures the microns left in the paint. 


What coatings can be applied to the paint?

Any wax, ceramic coatings or even PPF can be applied, after paint correction.


What are swirls?

Swirls are micro abrasions in the lacquer caused by poor washing techniques. 


What is marring?

Caused by buffing too hard or poor polishing. It appears as a wavy patterns on the paints surface. 


What are surface scratches?

Normally seen as straight lines, caused by bushes, clothes and keys. These scratches are still in the lacquer lay and can be polished out*


Can you polish out a below surface scratch?*

No, generally this has gone too deep and will need a respray. However, we can reduce its appearance. 



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