Wading through the forums can be quite a difficult endeavour and finding the answers you, not always there. We have compiled our top most asked questions with answers written by experts in the field. anything else you need answering, just get in contact with us. 


How do you clean Leather?

Using a leather brush and leather cleaner, spray the surface and gently brush the leather until clean. 


How do you clean cloth?

Soak the cloth surface with multi-purpose to prevent ringlets. Use an interior brush to gently scrub the cloth clean. To rough and your will break the pile. 


How do you clean Suede?

This is not recommend. Visit our studio or call us for help. 

How do you clean Alcantara?

Same process as leather, but using Alcantara cleaner. 


Are their interior coatings?

Yes. Gtechniq offer a range of different interior coatings for different materials This includes Fabric . Gtechniq range.




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