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Choosing the right one - Quick Detailing Spray

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

A quick detailing spray or QD is used after the wash process to bring the shine back to the paint and dependent on what your QD spray is made of it may also add a protective layer to the paint as well. QD sprays are also great at buffing off residue left over from the wash process, something we suffer heavily from down here in the South thanks to our hard water.

When it comes to buying a quick detailing spray for your car it can be quite a minefield. Everyone offers them and they all have different additives which make them better or in some cases worse for different paints. Today we are going to look at the different types, do’s and don’ts and help you choose which one is best for your car.

Different Types

Lets break it down into 2 easy to understand categories:

Wax Quick Detailers

Wax quick detailers have been a staple of the QD world for a long time now. Wax detailers contain a small amount of wax suspended in a liquid. More expensive detailing sprays will have a higher wax content and normally feature the organic wax, carnauba. They may also contain additional additives like gloss enhancers. Cheaper products will normally have less wax and sometimes use a synthetic wax to make it cheaper.

Ceramic Detailers

Ceramic quick detailers are the same in layout but use a chemical base over a wax base. Ceramic detailers like Gtechniqs QD, work best on cars which have ceramic coatings. Cars which do not have a ceramic coating or have never been detailed will not benefit from ceramic quick detailers as it can’t bond to the surface properly. They will work short term but have a reduced effect overall.

What about spray waxes and sealants?

These products are a great stop gap and worth using to keep your coatings topped up but they are not a replacement for a high quality wax or ceramic coating and if you top up your wax or ceramic coatings regularly, will add no real benefit.

If you don’t ever intend to detail your car or ever put a coating on the paint then we would recommend these as they are better than not having anything on your paint and will have more longevity than QD alone. They are also much simpler to use than wax and especially ceramic coatings.

Quick Detailer Do’s and Don’t’s

We mainly use quick detailer as a last stage product to remove the wash residue. You can also:

  • Wipe down non-cloth interior surfaces.

  • Wipe down your wheels, door shuts and exhausts.

  • Dress your engine bay.

  • Use it as a spray lubricant for clay.

We recommend you do not:

  • Wipe it on your glass as it can cause smearing.

  • Spray it on fabric as it can cause staining and colour transfer.

  • Apply it to dirty paint. Waterless washing is a myth. It will scratch your paint.

What to look out for when buying a Quick Detailer

Everyone has their favourite brand but you do need to make sure you are using the right quick detailer for your coating as the right one can help keep it topped up.

Wax coating – wax quick detailer

Ceramic coating – Synthetic wax or ceramic quick detailer

A quick detailer with a high wax content is best for cars which do not get used often and when clean can go back in a garage. With a high wax content outside on the drive you will struggle, especially when cold, to rub away the residue. This will leave the car smeary.

Sealants and spray waxes are not worth the investment if you have an exceptionally good wax or ceramic coating on your car. Not recommend for matte wraps unless it is designed for it as this can cause streaks.

Always try and use the brand of your coatings Quick Detailer.

For cars with a Ceramic coating, we recommend:

Gtechniq’s Quick Detailer – works well with ceramic coatings and good for indoors and outdoors use.

For cars which live outside, we recommend:

Scholl Quick Detailer – Evaporates quickly and easy to apply.

For cars which live in a garage, we recommend:

Sonax Quick Detailer – Very waxy and leaves an exceptionally smooth surface. Hard to remove in the cold. Can become smeary on ceramic coatings.

All these quick detailers are available at our favorite stockist, Elite Car Care

If you would like more information or to book in your car, call the team on 01202 096 096



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