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Ferrari Monza SP2 - Full Paint Protection Film

We have recently had the privilege of being entrusted to work on Ferrari's latest halo vehicle from the 'Icon Series', the Monza.

This particular varient being the 2 seater SP2 Monza, it is an extremely rare, limited and stunning vehicle.

Naturally the owner opted to full body coverage of XPEL's Ultimate Plus PPF, to give ultimate coverage to the whole vehicle, massively preventing risk of stone-chips damaging the beautiful Bianco Italia and Rosso paintwork, swirl marks are no longer an issue, as the film is self healing, also having a car like this could pose the risk of vandalism.

If the car is keyed, the PPF gives a huge level of protection to the actual paint, and in most cases, the film can simply be removed from the damaged panels, and no paintwork would be necessary.

With this vehicle being an open air car, it was vital to also protect some 'internal' areas with PPF, thankfully all available on XPEL's Design Access Program, pre templated for us, which makes life a lot easier, and of course means no knife cutting is necessary directly onto the car, which some other companies may use.

Areas such as the rear view mirror, the virtual windscreen were all protected with PPF as they could suffer with stone chips,

This install was time consuming, however the prep work is the most vital part to the install, and also massively contributes to the time needed to have the vehicle with us for its treatment

Firstly, the vehicle arrives with us where is given a thorough maintenance wash, before carefully being air dried.

After this the vehicle is brought inside to the detailing studio Where than the decontamination stage can begin. The car is carefully clayed to remove any ta, fallout or anything else contaminating the bodywork. Then polishing can begin, this is to ensure the paint work is as clean as possible for the pain protection film install, and we want the paintwork to be as good as possible underneath the film, to seal in perfection!

The vehicle is then re-washed to remove any potential polishing dust that may have got caught up in the gaps from the polishing stage, finally the vehicle is brought back inside where the film can be installed.

To make this Monza look even better, after the PPF was complete, we applied XPEL's Specialist PPF coating, Fusion, to make the film hydrophobic for even easier maintenance and adds even more gloss level.

Photos by Blades Media


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