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Correcting a cars paint

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Quite a lot of our detailing packages include a polish, with various levels of correction and without seeing it first hand, its kind of hard to explain what results you're going to get. So lets put that to an end. In this album it shows 2 of the 3 types of correction you can have

1) Light polish/Gloss enhancement The surface of your paint over time will collect many swirls, scratches and marring. Each one sitting at different depths in the paints surface. With all 3 of these defects combined it can reduce the depth and lustre of your paint. With a light polish, which is contained on most of our details, uses a light polish with a soft foam pad. Depending on the strength of the paint, this will normally remove all marring and help reduce light swirls. On paint with no lacquer, this will also remove oxidation, restoring colour. Process time – 5 hours This process will only improve gloss. *

Light polish
Light polish

2) Enhancement polish An enhancement polish is the next step up. This is the best option for people who take a lot of pride in their car and want the very best from it. This process uses a 2 stage process with progressively softer polishes and foam pads to improve gloss, remove marring and remove majority of light swirls and scratches. Process time – 8 hours This process will improve gloss and remove the vast majority of paint defects.*

correction detail
correction detail

3) Full correction This is the king of corrections, this process is the most time consuming but leaves your paint with a mirror finish fit for concourse! Which by the way we've won many times.. just saying. This process will use a four step correction process, depending on the damage to the paint. This could include sanding, wool pad polishing and variable stages of foam pad polishing. Process time – 2 + days This process will remove all paint defects.

Well we hope this has explained the differences between all three types of polishing. If you would like some more examples, just get in contact with us.


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