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What is EXO? What is Crystal Serum?

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

At FCD, we are Gtechniq Accredited Detailers and are extremely experienced in applying Gtechniq protective coatings.

Gtechniq has a fantastic range of products as protective coatings, with varying benefits and durability and also for different price ranges.

EXO is a 'hydrophobic' coating designed as either a standalone product which is best described as a superior alternative to wax.

It offers a smooth finish to your paint, rich deep gloss levels and unparalleled beading. It has a good level of durability.

There are lots of variables to this coating, in terms of usage of the vehicle, and the lifetime of the product will vary due to this, on it should need topping up approximately annually on a daily driver with average usage i.e kept outside, 10,000 miles a year. However, the product will be a lot more durable and last longer on a garage kept vehicle.

EXO also will have a longer lifetime if applied over the top of Gtechniq's top level product, Crystal Serum Ultra.

Crystal Serum Ultra is Gtechniq's highest tier product which offers unmatched performance and protection for your vehicle. It can only be applied by a 'Gtechniq Authorised Detailer' such as ourselves, at our Bournemouth based studio. This is backed by Gtechniq's 9 year Guarantee. Like EXO, this can be applied as a standalone ceramic coating, however we always recommend applying EXO as a top coat for the extract gloss and clarity and hydrophobic properties (beading) that EXOv4 has.

The Serum is your hard ceramic base layer. This is the protectant from harsh chemicals, bird droppings, bug splattering, UV rays etc. If the vehicle stops beading this is not to say the coating has failed, it is more likely the vehicle needs a thorough decontamination, or potentially a EXO top up, which for most vehicles is a one day process. Serum will last the 9 years guarantee period, as long as the vehicle is cared for in the correct way. We have seen vehicles that have not been cared for in the correct way, but with serum applied, even a very light polish will restore the paintwork back to how it should look with a lot less effort.

An EXO top up consists of -

- Thorough maintenance wash

- Chemical Decontamination

-Clay bar

- Single stage polish

- Panel wipe

- Reapplication of EXO,

This is a cost effective way to really bring life back to your paintwork after a year or two's usage, and prices start from £449+VAT.

If your car is new, and you are looking for a New Car Protection please click here

For any further information on an EXO top up, please speak to the detailing team directly on 01202 096096 or email us -


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