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What is Panel Wipe?

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Here at FCD, when we are enhancing or correcting a car, we are using a variety of different cutting compounds and finishing polishes.

Whilst we aim to use the best products available on the market, we still use GTechniq’s Panel Wipe prior to coating to reveal the true finish. Panel Wipe is a mix of pure alcohol and other solvents and it is designed to remove 100% of any remaining polish residues and will leave a completely decontaminated surface.

It is vital to use before we apply any ceramic coating such as EXO, C1 and Crystal Serum, as it promotes the maximum amount of bonding between the product, and your cars bodywork.

Also most polishes contain a small amount of 'fillers' which essentially make the paintwork look better than its true finish but after a wash with some pH neutral shampoo, these will just be washed out leaving a swirly finish once again.

This is often a tactic of used car dealerships, making paintwork look superb, quickly, which is ideal for viewings on used vehicles.

Panel Wipe is an extremely vital stage of the detailing process, and one that is never skipped here at FCD.

For any more information or queries regarding Detailing, please check out our FAQ's, or get in touch to make a booking to make your vehicle look better than new!


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