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Porsche GT3 RS - XPEL Paint Protection Film

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Porsche GT3 RS

Xpel Paint Protection Film

Photos by Blades Media

Your detailing questions answered

What is the point of PPF when I can just get my car sprayed for the same cost?

We will be honest, PPF is not the cheapest thing to have applied to your car, but it is worth it! Your car will get stone ships and scratches. These will damage, chip your paint and eventually result in flaking, cracking or rust! PPF is designed to prevent this damage from ever happening whilst preserving the original paint.

When damage appears you could have it sprayed. However if you were to buy a car which you knew had many paint jobs with random colour matching, filler and very little original paint left, would you still want it? When it comes to high-end cars more so, new owners don't want to buy a car which has been fettled with and more and more people are looking for PPF on their next purchase.



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