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Mega wash at CarGuys.TV HQ!

We have just returned from completing a day at TheCarGuys HQ! FCD have done a maintenance wash on (nearly) the whole CarGuys fleet, ranging from the 355 Spider, all the way up to the F12tdf and 675LT.

Thankfully, Damian knew he was going to be using his fleet regularly and is not afraid to pile the miles on his cars, (no garage queens here!) so chose the ultimate protection on many of the CarGuys cars and already protected with either XPEL PPF, or have been detailed with Gtechniq coatings.

First out to be washed was the 991.2 GT3 Touring. A stunning manual transmission, out and out drivers car, that Damian well and truly does drive! Using this as one of his daily drivers this has to be one of the highest mileage, and well used Tourings. Luckily this had previously been fully PPF’d by us, making the washing process much easier and of course, even though we are washing the car with the two bucket method, swirl marks and not a concern as the film is self healing! Next out was the 718 Spyder in GT Silver. Same story again here with the Spyder fully protected by ourselves with paint protection film making cleaning so much easier. The wheels, callipers and soft top have also been protected, making cleaning a dream.

Last in the trio of Porsche’s was CarGuys stunning 930 Turbo. This was more of a challenge as this has had no form of protection, being PPF or a ceramic coating. Adopting the two bucket method and safe wash was very important here as there was a chance of swirling the paintwork, if this was not conducted properly. However following the correct method and using the right products, left a flawless result.

Starting with Damians rather amazing collection of prancing horses from Maranello, we fired into life the thunderous naturally aspirated 6.3 litre V12, the heart of this Giallo Triple Stratos (triple layer yellow) F12 TDF.

Again this was fully protected by ourselves with XPEL PPF back in 2017, when the CarGuys first acquired the TDF.

We are lucky to look after and have protected a couple of TDF’s on our time, and it is most definitely a firm favourite amongst the team at FCD.

Another yellow car from the garage was next up, in the form of the super rare, super special 458 Speciale Aperta. Again, naturally this was fully PPF’d when new and makes cleaning extremely easy.

Heading over to the British side of the garage, in our opinion, Mclarens finest hour, the Chicane Grey 675LT was the next one up for a wash. We knew this car when owned by its previous and first owner, and this was PPF’d in the most vulnerable areas.

To conclude the 355 Spider which is one of TheCarGuys favourites, and Damians first supercar, much similar to the 930 Turbo being a older car was never PPF’d when new as PPF wasn’t available then, and has never actually been detailed by ourselves so adopting the safe wash & two bucket method was really important.

After a very long day, we put all the cars back away and the day was done! Hopefully we can do another Maintenanice Wash Marathon again soon!



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