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Land Rover Defender 110 Commercial - PPF and Detail

Land Rover Defender Commercial 110 PPF and detailing

What are you meant to do when a client comes to you and says "I want mine to look like this one"? Well you make it happen! A new client came to us saying they have seen their dream car but they can't order that spec as a commercial, can we make it happen?

Working closely with Hendy Land Rover we have fulfilled many of their clients special requests so that on pick-up day their dream car awaits them, so this no different. The commercial version of the Defender has similar options to choose from, but not all of them. Getting the car 70% there with colour and trims it was up to FCD to take it the rest of the way.

We started by getting the callipers and toe hooks painted red and adding genuine mud-flaps to the front and rear.

We then sent the front grille which was colour coded and scuttle panel off for paint. The bonnet was the slightly tricky option here as it could be paint at the expense of the customers time and cost. We could have gone for the cheaper option of vinyl however, the look would have been below our expected quality level. Instead we aimed for Xpel's Gloss black PPF which is better than paint but with 0 down time. Xpel's Gloss PPF does come at a premium which makes laying it a very intense process.

Once the styling was complete we then single stage polished the Defender and coated it with Gyeon's Type1 coating. It was then finished off with new badges. Through a sheer miracle of everything being in stock we turned this Defender around in just 1 week and managed a last minute add-on of Hunter side steps.

Nearly everyone who visited the unit during the process fell in love with it, including us!

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