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McLaren 675 LT - Winter Deep Clean

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Photos and Video by The Cartographer

One of our long term customers had been enjoying his very special and highly optioned MSO McLaren 675 LT Spider all summer, but with winter fast approaching and living deep in to the New Forest he has taken the decision to store his car with Stable Vehicle Storage.

Especially with fully PPF'd cars like this 675LT, we have been doing a lot of annual top up or 'refreshes' to really keep these cars in top notch condition. This is a lot more in depth, with coatings being applied, however, we actually coated the film, wheels, glass and more back at the start of summer so this wasn't necessary on this particular car, as all of the coatings were of course working superbly when we washed it, so this was more to ensure it simply goes away perfectly clean for the winter.

The car was safe washed in the afternoon, taking a few hours to thoroughly clean the car and go through the correct process to wash and dry the vehicle.

Despite blow drying the car, we left it overnight inside the premises to fully dry out before the next day lifting the car, cleaning the underside, removing the very special wheels with hand painted '675LT' in orange on them and going through all the nooks and crannies to ensure no mud or dirt remained.

After this was done, we cleaned all of the suspension components and then coated the moving parts with a lubricant and protected the carpeted wheel arches with Gtechniq's Smart Fabric. Reinstalled the wheels and torqued to manufacturers specification, the car was then safely put back in it's storage spot with Stable, soft car cover fitted and CTEK trickle charger connected.

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