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Ferrari 488 Pista - Xpel Paint Protection Film

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Over the last year or so we have had the pleasure of protecting, and detailing several Ferrari latest track special V8, the 488 Pista. It is great to have worked with so many of these cars, as you get to see so many different and personalised specifications.

Below we have featured just a few of our favourites.

First is the Grigio car, with a nero and giallo stripe across the centre of the car. For this particular car, the customer opted for front end + sideskirts protection, which of course is the most vunerable area on any car, but particularly a low track focussed supercar.

Another favourite is the Rosso F1 2007 car, the famous colour that Formula 1 cars were painted, with a black and gold stripe. This car also was protected with XPEL's Ultimate Plus PPF ( Paint Protection Film) and again the main vunerable areas that succumb to stone chipping and road rash were protected.

At FCD, our front end + side skirts package consists of, bumper,bonnet,wings, headlights, mirror backs, door handle cups and of course, the sideskirts.

Finally, we have the Rosso Fuoco car, with a argento nurburgring and blue pozzi stripe, also complemented with Ferrari's forged gold wheels. This particular customer opted to have the whole car completely protected in PPF, which therefore means the whole car is swirl resistant, thanks to XPEL's self healing properties on the film.

On request from the customer, we also applied a number '7' decal on both doors of this Pista to match the factory stripe on the car, which personally I think looks excellent and really suits the track car nature of the Pista.

For anymore information on PPF or detailing, please do not hesistate to contact one of the team who will be more than happy to help

01202 096 096



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