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Choosing your detailer wisely?

When you decide you'd like your vehicle enhanced, perfected or protected, a detailer is who you'd be looking for, such as ourselves.

Whilst we are Dorset's only Swissvax and Gtechniq accredited detailers and are also XPEL PPF Factory Trained, it doesn't mean we are Dorset's only detailing company. There are many other detailers and valeters that offer similar services to ourselves such as machine polishing, ceramic coatings and more.

At FCD, we do offer a mobile maintenance wash service, however this is where our services stop out on the road.

For any details, paint corrections and applying of coatings, we like to get the car or bike into our bespoke facility for a period of days...

There are a few reasons for this including :


When applying ceramic coatings, a certain temperature is required for the coating to correctly bond/cure to the paintwork to ensure the coating works correctly and is durable. If a coating is applied to the bodywork of a car in the middle of winter, outside, there is a high chance the durability of the coating will be lacking. Our facility is air conditioned and heated so the correct temperature can be maintained 24/7.


Once we have finished applying any coating, we like to keep the car inside in our studio for a minimum of 24hrs, before the customer collects the vehicle.

This then ensures the coating has had time to correctly cure, and it is also essential the car does not get wet for at least 24hours.


In our facility, we have a variety of ceiling and wall mounted lights that have the ability to change warmth/colour which helps us, not only when polishing, but also when applying ceramic coating, because different colours and paints show more imperfections under different brightness and levels of light.

INSURANCE & SECURITY At FCD, we take insurance seriously and are therefore fully comprehensively insured to drive and keep these vehicles in our facility whilst the work is carried out. If the worst was to happen, this means any rectification needed will be completed properly. Our unit also has a 24/7 monitored alarm as well as a excellent CCTV system.


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