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BMW E36 M3 - Correction Detail

It is the height of the 90's, money is flowing free and you're an investment broker in London and the quint essential yuppie wagon of the era is the BMW E36 M3. Still today, 20 years later it is still the car to have. So, after 20 long years what sort of condition has the paint been left in? Unfortunately a bad one and that is why we here at FCDetailing where called out to apply some of our FCD magic to bring this hero car back to its former glory! Our goal for this correction was to bring the paint back to showroom standard, reducing swirls and deep scratches where we could. Due to bad up keep over the years and some localised body correction, the paint has been left with heavy swirling and buffer trails. For this detail we gave the M3 the full works over the course of two days, bringing the back the lustre and depth back to this iconic car

BMW E36 M3
BMW E36 M3

BMW E36 M3  swirls
BMW E36 M3 swirls

BMW E36 M3  polish
BMW E36 M3 polish

BMW E36 M3 corrected
BMW E36 M3 corrected



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