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Audi R8 V8 - 5 Years On

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Taken in 2018 at FCD's first built for purpose, unit in Poole.

After nearly 5 years of having Gtechniq's Crystal Serum & Exo on his R8, it's owner Roy decided he wanted a top up. Not because the coatings weren't working anymore but after 5 years of driving, felt the lustre had gone from the paint and if we were polishing, why not re-apply.

Over the course of 5 days we went over every surface of the car and polished back any swirls it had picked up. We then applied Crystal Serum Ultra followed by Exo. During this process we removed the wheels and after polishing, applied CS Ultra to the barrels and C5 to the faces. Why Crystal Serum on the barrels? We personally find serum helps protect against the grit which is generally found in the barrel compared to the dirt found on the face. Exo was then applied to the door shuts and engine bay.

Once coatings were finished the exhaust was polished, interior cleaned and glass cleaned.

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