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What is Windscreen Protection Film?


For a while now Paint Protection Film (PPF) has been the go to for the ultimate protection for your paint. What about your windscreen? Introducing Windscreen Protection film. 

It offers all the same properties as PPF but now it is more optically clear making it suitable for glass. 


What Are The Benefits


Once applied to the surface of your vehicle you will instantly benefit from:

  • Self Healing

  • Reduces risk of expensive screen replacement or repair

  • Chemical & Stain Resistance

  • Easy Maintenance

  • Heat Activated Self-healing Topcoat 

  • 99% UV rejection 

  • Scratch Resistance

  • Stone Chip Resistance

  • Removable

  • 1 Year Warranty against discolouration 

Why Do I Want Windscreen Film For My Car?


WPF isn't for everyone. It is an investment for your car or bike. We highly recommend it for:


  • Flat fronted or tall cars like Range Rover or G-Wagons

  • Prevents issues with replacement screens such as faulty rain sensors and leaking

  • Track cars 

  • High-value cars to protect resale or hand-in value 

  • Your windscreen contains a multitude of different sesnors, such as adaptive cruise control, cameras and more, if not protected this can be a costly repair.

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How Much Does it Cost?


Our Windscreen Protection Film Starts from £450 and it is a seamless covering with our new, state of the art film.

XPEL Factory Trained


We are Dorset's only factory trained PPF installer. This means we have been professionally trained by XPEL themselves and it grants us access to XPEL's DAP system.


Unlike any other installer in the local area, we have the ability to cut exact templates for your car. This reduces the need for "bulk cutting" and reduces the risk of scoring the paint. It also means you end up with neater and more exacting finish. 


Visit Our New, Dedicated Paint Protection Film Studio Located In Christchurch, UK

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