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Thank you for visiting First Choice Detailing (FCD). As the Paint Protection Film (PPF) has just been installed; it is our duty to inform you on how to keep the film maintained and what not to do in the first 7 days of collecting your car.


Please do not wash your car 7 days after the film has been installed. The moisture between the film and paint is still evaporating, the edges are also drying so that the adhesive can bond to the paint correctly. The use of shampoos will interfere with this process.


During this time, you may notice small bubbles or hazing in the PPF’s finish. During the next 2-3 weeks these will begin to dissipate as the film settles and the moisture evaporates.


After 7 days you can wash your car as described in the wash guide on the other side of this document. If you do not follow this guide you will be liable for any damage to the PPF.


If bug or bird residue becomes fixed to the film, you must remove immediately as if left on, the acids may etch away and damage the film. The best way to remove the residue is with pressurised water from 3 feet away. If you can control the pressure, place on the lowest setting. Alternatively use warm water. Pour on to the residue and leave for 3 minutes then wipe off with a soft microfibre cloth.


If you usually polish or wax your car on a regular basis there are some restrictions on what you can use. Polishes are abrasive and may contain Petroleum or Solvents, these products will damage the film and solvents can remove the films adhesion. Causing it to lift. The only waxes which can be used are Carnauba. Other waxes may reduce the films finish. Do not apply over the film’s edges.


Surface scratches and swirl marks in the film will heal over a period of time, if you needed to accelerate the process the pour warm water (not boiling) over the desired area, that will help the upper most layer of the film to morph back into its original state. 




Thank you for choosing First Choice PPF as the installers of your Vehicle Paint Protection Film.  We are offer a Warranty Term of 5 years on the Paint Protection Film (PPF) that has been installed by First Choice PPF.  Your film is warranted by us against cracking or lifting – as long as the adhesive used is not removed by the purchaser for the 5 year Warranty Term from the date of installation.  If not maintained the correct way, on a regular basis discoloration of the film may occur – we have included aftercare instructions for you.  In the case of a collision, accident, abuse, fire, theft, natural disaster, intentional misuse, alteration, general wear and tear, including dents, stone chips or any other debris to the protected surfaces the warranty will not cover this.

Please ensure you read and follow the aftercare instructions provided.  The PPF is resilient to standard and specialised automotive after-care products, polishes and waxes, however in the case that harsh chemical cleaners harm the PPF this will not be covered by the Warranty.   If we have not received full payment the Warranty will not be valid.

First Choice PPF agrees to replace the PPF that is covered by this warranty and we will do so at no extra cost to yourself.  In this case the warranty will not extend to any other damages.  Any PPF not covered by this warranty will be replaced at an additional cost agreed by First Choice PPF and yourself.


First Choice PPF will replace any PPF that is deemed to be faulty, after inspection by ourselves and deeming that your claim falls within the scope of this warranty, at our premises and we will arrange for the replacement film to be re-installed within a 60 day period.  If after inspection we determine that the film is not covered under this warranty we will inform you of all suitable services available on a fee basis.  Any replacement film installed is covered for the remainder of the initial warranty period only.


If the vehicle is sold within the warranty 5 year period the warranty is transferable to the new owner if they contact us and register their new details.  It is the responsibility of the new owner to register change of ownership or the warranty will be deemed invalid


Please Note:  When professionally removed here PPF is installed to vehicles after smart repairs, partial or full respray finishes the paint may peel, however the Paint Protection Film should not harm any factory applied paint finish upon professional removal.  First Choice PPF will not be held accountable should any peeling occur and are also not held accountable for any other costs obtained as a result of the Warranty claim.


This agreement is a product warranty not insurance and is limited to one claim per panel.

This warranty form part of the First Choice PPF Standard Terms of Conditions

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