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Mercedes-Benz 280SL - Enhancement Detail and Gtechniq Crystal Serum

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Photos by Blades Media

We have been extremely busy over the last few weeks and months here at FCD, and this is another classic car we have had through our doors. The 1984 R107 Mercedes 280SL.

This car was brought from a auction, and needed a bit of TLC. After consulting with the customer, we decided the best option for him, and for the Mercedes, was a Enhancement Detail, and then to be protected with Gtechniqs best protection offering, the authorised detailer only, Crystal Serum Ultra + EXO.

After a thorough decontamination not only with chemicals such as tar and glue and fallout remover, but a lot of work with the clay bar as so much contaminant had built up on the paintwork over the years, we then began with the machine polishing removing all the swirl marks and as many other scratches as possible.

Remember this is not a full correction, and with enhancement it is correcting to around 80%, however this is going to be a massive improvement to any car and is much more budget friendly than a full correction, simply due to the labour intensiveness of a correction.

After we are all happy with the level of enhancement achieved through polishing, one of our detailers begin to coat the car with the ceramic coating. Crystal Serum for the 9h ceramic protection, and EXO for the hydrophobic beading effect which makes maintenance so easy.


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