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Land Rover Discovery Sport Front End PPF + New Car Prep

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

After having a Discovery Sport for 3 years, this customer decided it was time for a change, and decided to make purchase of a brand new, facelift model Land Rover Discovery Sport, as he was so pleased with his previous model.

When his first Discovery was new, we applied PPF to it, as well as carrying out a new car prep. We like to be able to accommodate all budgets, and therefore, after thinking through ourselves and discussing with the customer, we decided the best option for protection to fit the customers budget, was XPEL Ultimate Plus, applied to the front bumper, headlights, mirror backs and a partial bonnet. This essentially means the main impact zone for stone chips on the bonnet is protected, whilst not having the more expensive full bonnet applied. We also applied Gtechniq's Crystal Serum Ultra and Exo v3 to the Discovery.

When it was time for a new car, Mr Rose decided he would again opt for a new car prep, with Crystal Serum Ultra and Gtechniq's updated Exov4.

His previous Disco, at 3 years old and 35,000 miles, looked superb just before he traded it in, and this is kudos to him, for maintaining his car the correct way, and always using Gtechniq products when washing the car.

This time, he also chose to go for Full Front End PPF, rather than opting for just the partial. This simply means there is no faint 'line' across the bonnet, instead the full bonnet is seamless and wrapped around the edges.

The partial is still a superb option for those wishing to protect there car from stone chips and other damages that can come to the most prone areas, but not wanting to spend out for a full bonnet. To see if a partial is an option for your vehicle and to understand the difference in appearance, as well as pricing please do not hesitate to get in touch.

As you can see, this 20 Plate Discovery Sport looks superb after its detail and is now very well protected for another 3 years of driving for our customer, and many more for the next owner, as don't forget, Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra comes with a 9 year guarantee if maintained correctly with Exo top ups, and XPEL film has a 10year warranty against yellowing!


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