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Jaguar XK150 - Enhancement Detail

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Photos by Blades Media

We have recently undertaken an enhancement detail on this stunning Jaguar XK150 dating from 1962.

This is not the first time we have had the pleasure of working on this particular car. The current owners brought the vehicle back in 2015, and we performed a correction detail with Swissvax back when the car was new to them.

Now after covering several thousand miles every year across Europe on road trips, and being used on the weekend for a countryside cruise, it was time for this XK150 to recieve a bit of TLC again.

We began as always by inspecting the vehicle and recording its condition to build together a report to decide what is the best approach to begin detailing the vehicle.

After carefully carrying out our 21 stage maintenance wash, the XK is brought inside to be decontaminated and then polishing can begin.

Whilst one of the detailing team are working on enhancing the bonnet back to its former glory, the wheels are removed carefully by two members of the team. The wheels are taken back out to be rewashed in a even more thorough manner, because being wire wheels, even the smallest of our wheel woolies struggle to reach the barrels of the wheels to clean them to our standards.

Each wheel is then thoroughly hand polished, spoke by spoke, leaving a mirror bright finish. Time consuming as it may be, this is a vital stage in to making sure a classic car looks spot on after detailing.

The rest of the chrome work is then delicately polished to reveal its superb shine.

After around 2 days of polishing to enhance the paintwork, and remove swirl marks from washing and other detailing in and around the engine bay and interior, this Jaguar is now nearly complete, and is ready for protection.

For this car, we opted with Swissvax for a further boost in gloss levels, excellent ease of maintenance and a great level of protection .


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