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Ferrari SF90 Assetto Fiorano - Satin PPF Conversion

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Photos and write up by Damian Blades

The Ferrari SF90 is the latest super car by Ferrari. Achieving just shy of 1000bhp really propels the SF90 in to the hyper car club but without any silly add-ons, over design or an over inflated price tag, the SF90 really opens the hyper car market up.

Standing for 90 years of Scuderia Ferrari (SF90) this particular model designates the famous Maranello track, Fiorano, to its name making it slightly more unique. The Assetto Fiorano edition of this car provides a more solid chassis, additional styling ques, a duck tail spoiler and race seats.

When ordering a car months or even years in advance sometimes locking in decisions now won't reflect how you feel in the future, case in point, this lovely gloss SF90 in Rosso Fuoco. Originally the owner was considering a matte/satin option for the finish but at the last minute chose gloss. Happy when it finally arrived the owner decided to get full body gloss PPF applied to the car.

After seeing a few cars arriving from Maranello to our unit in satin and itch started that had to be fixed... The once gloss SF90 needed to be satin...

We tried a test panel to ensue the customer was happy and over the course of 3 days we gently removed the original gloss PPF. We could have over laid the the PPF but the customer didn't want it doubled up. In 2 days our PPF team fully converted the red areas to satin and as a custom touch added a piloti inspired number to the side.

Now fully converted, the colours are still just as vibrant as the gloss finish but of course, satin.

Satin PPF can convert any colour from gloss to satin. Talk to our team on 01202 096 096 to discuss.


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