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Ferrari F8 Tributo - New Car Detail

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

The all new Ferrari F8 Tributo - Photos by at Blades Media

A returning customer had purchased themselves the all new Ferrari F8 Tributo. Based the the 488 platform, the F8 is a last hurrah for the 488, featuring a power upgrade and a body restyling. The F8 features some nods to the F40 with wheels and engine cover styled to look like the iconic car.

The exterior of the car was single stage polished to bring back the shine and luster to the paint. Being hand built cars and due to international shipping, you can find some cars look a little flat before the dealer PDI's them. Once polished we coat the car in Gtechniq's Crystal Serum Ultra and Exo.

The interior was new so just required a light wipe down and vacuum. No additional products were added to the interior.

Finally the engine and plastics on the car were dressed with aerospace 303. This helps keep the plastics hydrated and provide them with a little bit of sealant. With exposed engine bays like this one, it can be a nightmare having water stains on open plastics. Using a water based sealant helps prevent this.

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