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Ferrari 812 Competizione - Full Car PPF

Ferrari 812 Competizione Side

Photos and write up by the Cartographer

Following on from the Ferrari 812 and the successor to the F12 TDF, is the 812 Comeptizione. Sharing the same platform as the 812, the "comp" features more body aero and track focussed styling cues. This particular model is the latest version we have had the opportunity to apply Xpel paint protection film to.

Compared to the 812 Superfast, the comp features more body moulded aero which provides a greater challenge for a perfect fit and thanks to copious amounts of carbon, it is more essential than ever to give it the ultimate protection!

Ferrari 812 Competizione

We aim to remove very little to achieve the perfect finish and only remove what can be with a spanner. It was possible for us to easily remove each one of the carbon aero fins to prevent cut-outs around them. It also allowed us to more precisely manoeuvre the PPF over these fins for a seamless finish.

Ferrari 812 Competizione Painted Shield

Not just a flat white, Bianco Mille Miglia is a pearlescent white which if requiring a respray, is nearly impossible to match. This car also featured painted shields. Not only are they a work of artwork they are costly optional extra that is an investment worth protecting on their own.

Ferrari 812 Competizione

Once the whole car had been PPF'ed, Xpel Fusion was applied to give the film a Hydrophobic coating. This makes maintenance easier.

Ferrari 812 Competizione Carbon Wheels

The full carbon fibre wheel where coated in Gtechniq's C5. Being carbon on carbon very little dirt will ever be on them but having C5 Wheel Armour will make general maintenance easier.

Whether it be a Ferrari or a Ford, as long as it is your pride and joy FCD are industry experts based in Dorset are the right choice to protect your investment. Get a quote today and call the team on 01202 096 096.


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