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Case Study - Brand New BMW M340i

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Recently, we have just had a brand new 20plate BMW M340i arrive at FCD, driven all the way from Kent to come to us for a correction detail, with Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra + Exo.

Why a correction detail?

Why not a simple new car prep, which consists of our 21 stage wash,

decontamination, single stage polish, and then protection applied?

This particular vehicle has never been washed by the customer, only prepared by the dealer and was collected brand new on March 1st with delivery mileage. After waiting longer especially for this particularly stunning grey, the customer felt annoyed as to the state of his paintwork.

At FCD, like other detailing and valeting companies, we follow a strict 'safe wash' method, which essentially means, the majority of the dirt is removed from the vehicle before a wash mitt goes anywhere near the bodywork for a contact wash.

We also take time and are particularly fastidious with regards to having having clean wash mitts and equipment.

As a generalisation, main dealers valeting teams do not have the equipment or training to correctly wash a car and that therefore means damages and swirl marks will be inflicted on the paintwork.

Therefore after a correction detail, this lovely new M340i will look better than new, and be protected with Gtechniq's Authorised Only Crystal Serum Ultra, which is guaranteed for 9years!


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