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Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Photos by Blades Media

This week we welcomed yet another new addition for the into our studio. This time, as the Lotus Elise 240 Final Edition left us, we gained the critically acclaimed Toyota GR Yaris in metallic black for our 'perfect package'. This being XPEL's Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film (PPF) to the most vulnerable area's, the Full Front End as well as the side-skirts.

The areas covered on the GR Yaris -

- Front End

  • Bumper

  • Bonnet

  • Headlights

  • Wings

  • Mirrors

  • Full gloss black areas of the front bumper

  • A Pillars

Additionally we protected the

  • Side-skirts

  • bottom section of doors

  • Rear arches which are a very high impact zone on the Yaris

  • Luggage Area

  • Door handle cups

After liaising with Damian from CarGuys, we decided where he usually opts for a full car protection, in this case due to the lower value of the Yaris, we would opt for a more cost effective package and areas that are not PPF'd we gave the car a single stage machine polish to remove defects from factory and dealership prep. This was then panel wiped, before being coated with Gtechniq's authorised only product Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra, followed up by the hydrophobic top coat in the Gtechniq range, Exo.

This gives the car ultimate protection in the most vulnerable areas yet superb protection in the other areas with unrivalled gloss levels and the incredible ease of maintenance a Ceramic Coating offers. This is the package we have installed on all GR Yaris' we have protected so far and is our recommended option for the car.

We were really pleased with how this Yaris looked once our work was completed. The paintwork had a noticeable improvement in gloss levels and most importantly, the customer was happy with the finish and can now enjoy the car, worry free of stone chips!

We can also offer our new Windscreen PPF option with the GR Yaris. We often find if a damaged windscreen is replaced, it is never quite the same, often failures with rain/light sensors, small leaks and more. You can retain the originality of the car and save the pain and hassle of replacing the windscreen by simply PPF'ing it. This product also has hydrophobic properties therefore meaning driving in the rain is so much easier as well as cleaning and drying the windscreen after a wash.

Please enquire for further details and pricing


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