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Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm - Full Xpel PPF

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

One of our long term client's was lucky enough to take delivery of the new, track focus Alfa Romeo Giulia, the GTAm. Limited to 500 world wide, this is one of just 29 to hit the UK, and only 1 of 7 to be in Montreal Green, it makes this car exceptionally unique.

Before the car had covered any miles or even been registered for the road, the client decided to have the car trailered to FCD so we could provide this rare car with the protection it deserves.

The owner opted for XPELSs Paint Protection Film. Full coverage, thanks to pre templated patterns on the XPEL Design Access Program (DAP), we could completely wrap this car with a seamless finish. All edges where possible are extended on the DAP and then tucked into panel gaps so no edges are visible.

For many people it is very difficult to detect the film is even on the car, compared to installs in years gone by, where there would often be several join lines in panels. We only ever use templated film as this eliminates the need for knives and scalpels anywhere near the bodywork of your car.

First the car has a thorough maintenance wash and decontamination. Despite being brand new, this car will have picked up contaminant on the bodywork on its Pre Delivery Inspection as well as in transport from the factory in Italy. Once the car has finished this stage, it heads inside for a single stage machine polish, to ensure the film being applied is sealing in perfection as well as a good deep cleanse for the stunning Montreal Green paintwork. After a good few hours of polishing the car heads back out for its second safe wash. This is actually to remove the dust created by the polishing stage in the panel gaps.

The GTAm is now ready for film install to begin over the next few days.

Once the car had been fully protected with film, it moved from our PPF bay into the Detailing room, which we designed specifically to have a different lighting style to the PPF install bay.

Spot lights which are perfect for highlighting swirl marks when polishing, and the LED strips, ideal for ceramic coatings.

Obviously this car now filmed will never require polishing, but the client did opt to have a hydrophobic coating applied to the film. The coating of choice was Gtechniq's HALO, which is designed to make vinyl wrap or PPF bead and have an improved repellency from road grime and water, therefore make washing and maintaining the vehicle a breeze, with around 12-24 months worth of protection. The glass was protected with Gtechniq G1, and wheel faces and brake callipers protected with C5.

This owner can fully enjoy his new car without worry, and from what we've been told, he intends to use it as it should be.

Looking to get your car protected?

Call the team on 01202 096096 or alternatively email us -

Arrival Day

The GTAm arriving at our facility in an enclosed transporter. We have professional industry partners with both open and enclosed transporters that can collect and deliver your car to us from anywhere in the UK. Please get in touch with us for availability and pricing.

Preparation For PPF

The claying and polishing stage is to ensure the paintwork is perfect as possible for the film to adhere too, and sealing in nothing less than perfection.

Collection Day

Professional Photo Shoot


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