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Get your new or classic Ferrari detailed at our purpose built studio
located in Christchurch, Dorset

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Why Protect Your Ferrari?

A Ferrari is just like any other car. If you look after it you will protect your investment, holding your cars residual value for longer and increasing your enjoyment. Detailing your Ferrari is an enjoyable and affordable way to protect your investment, by adding layers of protection to the paints surface which helps avoids costly re-sprays or rust!​

Why Choose FCD:


  • Secure, purpose built and fully insured studio.

  • Years of expertise working with various Ferrari models.

  • Services designed for Ferrari's.

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An enhancement detail unlocks your cars true finish. With a deep clean and multi stage polish you will see the clarity and gloss come back to your paint. 

Choose from our range of ceramic coatings to provide the ultimate protection to your freshly detailed car.

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Ceramic coatings are the latest way to protect your paint from the elements. Ceramic coatings bond to the paints surface at a molecular level and change the paints surface to smoother, slicker surface which dirt struggles to stick to and makes cleaning easier. We highly recommend the combined duo of Gtechniq's Crystal Serum ultra and EXO for durability and performance. 

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Paint protection film (PPF) by XPEL is a revolution in protective clear bra's for your car. At double the thickness of paint, PPF is great for protecting your car from:

  • scratches, scuffs and stone chips

  • The elements

  • Road debris

  • Animal droppings

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