• Wheel Refurbishment

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    we also offer wheel refurbishment so why your car is in for a detail we can fix your wheels.  guaranteed quality finishes and durability, with a same day service at a fraction of the cost of replacement wheels. Whether you are looking for the best way to repair your alloy wheels or would just like a new look then you can be assured of our expert advice and quality.

    A total refurbishment is not a temporary touch up

    Unlike many concerns offering wheel “repairs”, we do have the necessary expertise to successfully repair around 95% of damaged wheels, and all
    of our repair work is carried out in house that ensures high standards are always maintained, and also minimizes delay.

    Refinishing work is carried out using proper industrial processes, and
    while some of the refinishing work carried out by competitors looks very pleasing initially, very often the effect is not long lasting, and a cheap job may end up costing a great deal of money, if it needs to be redone properly a second time!

    • A wide range of Finishes available.
    • Drive in or drop off service
    • Same day service available

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