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    Offering a range of services from a basic maintenance wash to a concourse d’elegance detail First Choice Detailing can offer you a bespoke service to suit your individual needs. Whether you are an individual car owner or a prestige car dealer we will work hard to find a suitable solution for you.  Below are the services and packages we offer.

    Please contact us for any help and advice when choosing your package so we can assist you in deciding which service is best suited to your requirements.

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    • First Choice Maintenance Detail

      From £70 (Depending on vehicle size and condition)

      • Alloy wheels and tyres cleaned with pH neutral cleaner
      • Door and boot shuts cleaned
      • Pressure pre-wash
      • Snow foam application
      • Pressure rinse off to remove all surface grit
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    • Enhancement Detail


      • It is designed to correct minor paint defects such as light swirls and wash marks with a 2 stage machine polish using fine and abrasive polishes to produce a clearer finish and rich deep gloss - removing 70-80% of the imperfections, such as light scratches, swirl marks and holograms.
    • Seasonal Paint Protection Detail

      From £295

      With the colder months drawing in your vehicle will be exposed to the wet weather and harsher elements, and you need to ensure your car is protected against the snow, frost, corrosive road salt as well as every day tar spots, normal road dirt and bird etchings.  This is why it is essential to ensure that your vehicles paintwork is protection to form a barrier against all of these elements and maintain your car in tip top condition.

      This protection detail is purely to apply a protective coating for the vehicle making for easier washing and preventing general grime and road salt from sticking to the vehicles paintwork

      • Brake calipers and alloy wheels cleaned including backs and inners with pH neutral wheel cleaner
      • Tyre walls and wheel arches cleaned
      • Door and boot shuts cleaned and treated
      • Pressure pre wash
      • Car snow foamed
      • High pressure rinse to remove all surface grit
      • Hand wash using multi stage 2 bucket method, grit guards and deep pile microfibre wash mitt
      • Vehicle dried using plush microfibre drying towels and compressed air
      • 2 step de-contamination stage
      • Hand polish to rejuvenate paintwork
      • High quality carnauba wax applied
      • Tyres dressed
      • Interior vacuumed
      • Inside and outer windows cleaned and polished
    • Correction Detail

      From £POA (This service corrects 90 to 100% of the paintwork)

      • It follows the same procedure of the enhancemet but we will check the paint with a paint guage to see what we have to work with as cars can have had resprays or smart repairs so we need to make sure we know the depths of the paint. Then we will proceed with a multi stage polishing process using a combination of coarse, medium and fine abrasive polishes to produce an outstanding level of shine and reflectivity.


    • Wheel Refurbishment From £65 per wheel

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    • Smart Repairs Price quoted on inspection

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    • Professional Photography Your car on canvas

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